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RadWare is a software package for interactive graphical analysis of gamma-ray coincidence data.
It was developed by David Radford of the Physics Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

This web site contains HTML documentation on the RadWare package, and links to let you download RadWare easily.

It also has a library of level scheme files in the RadWare ASCII-gls format. These are mostly level schemes converted from the Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File (ENSDF) and Experimental Unevaluated Nuclear Data List (XUNDL). There are also some contributed schemes.

A level scheme directory and level scheme JPEG/PDF view script are now available. This script will let you create figures from the level scheme database directly, without running the RadWare programs yourself. You can zoom and pan the figures, but of course to edit the level scheme itself you will still need to download the data and run the RadWare software.

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