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RadWare Coincidence Finder

This page lets you search my site for level scheme data sets that feature two coincident gamma rays of specified energies.
Please e-mail bugs, comments and suggestions to David Radford at radforddc@ornl.gov.

What Nuclear Mass range do you want to search?

Valid masses are from 1 to 277.
Please limit the range to no more than 50 units.
Lower mass limit
Upper mass limit

Which gamma-ray energies do you want to search for?

Enter the energies of two transitions which are in coincidence.
Please limit the gamma-ray energy range values to no more than 5 keV.
Egamma1 (keV), +/- (range in keV)
Egamma2 (keV), +/- (range in keV)

14 May 1999.

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