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Downloading RadWare

A new RadWare release, rw05, is available. Radware05 has a very nice (and almost complete) gtk versions of escl8r, levit8r, and 4dg8r.

Follow these links to get RadWare05 or RadWare01 by web download, or follow the instructions in the README file.
This rw05 version was last updated on 22 June 2011.

For those who use svn (Subversion), you can also do:

svn co https://radware.phy.ornl.gov/rw05
svn co https://radware.phy.ornl.gov/rw01


Please be sure to read the README.first file.

Unix / linux / OSX sources and documentation:


NOTE that rw01 is now unsupported. I recommend migrating to rw05 if at all possible.

Please be sure to read README.rw01 file.

Unix / linux sources and documentation: VMS sources and documentation:

Demonstration data files for two-dimensional analysis (escl8r / xmesc): For Unix:

For VMS:

Please send bug reports to David Radford at radforddc@ornl.gov.
Ideas, suggestions and contributions are also very much appreciated.

You can also get earlier versions of RadWare (rw98a for Unix, or rw97a for VMS) via web download. Just follow these links.

You will need FORTRAN and C compilers in order to install them. Unix (including linux) sources and documentation:

VMS sources and documentation:

Email comments, suggestions and questions here.

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