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Downloading RadWare

An update to rw05 is available. This rw05 version was last updated on 31 July 2020.
rw05 has very nice gtk versions of escl8r, levit8r, and 4dg8r. I strongly recommend gtkesc, gtklev, and gtk4dg over the other versions.


For those who use git, you can get up-to-date versions of rw05 from https://github.com/radforddc
git clone https://github.com/radforddc/rw05

Alternatively, you can follow these links to get RadWare05 by web download, or follow the instructions in the README file.
Please be sure to read the README.first file.

Unix / linux / OSX sources and documentation:

Demonstration data files for two-dimensional analysis (escl8r / xmesc):

Please send bug reports to David Radford at radforddc@ornl.gov.
Ideas, suggestions and contributions are also very much appreciated.

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