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In addition to the RadWare software, this site also hosts a compilation of nuclear level scheme files in the RadWare ASCII-gls format. You can download and use these files directly in gls, escl8r, levit8r, dixie_gls etc. Some more specific details on how to download level scheme files are given here, or you can go directly to the level scheme directory.

Most of the level schemes here are converted from the Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File (ENSDF) and Experimental Unevaluated Nuclear Data List (XUNDL). There are also some schemes contributed by generous physicists from their own analysis using escl8r etc.

The level scheme directory and level scheme JPEG/PDF view script on this site will let you create figures from the level scheme database directly, without running the RadWare programs yourself. You can zoom and pan the figures, but of course to edit the level schemes you will still need to download the data and run the RadWare software.

If you have any level schemes in RadWare format, please consider giving them to me for inclusion here. A few moments of your time will help other physicists make better use of all that hard work of yours building the scheme in the first place.
Instructions for how to give me your level scheme files are given here.

The ENSDF level schemes on this site were converted using a modified version of the program FCONV, written by Peter Ekstrom (Lund University, Sweden) and Richard B Firestone (LBL).

My version of the code is not ready for general release, but you if you want to get a copy, send me an e-mail.

Important Note on ENSDF Level Schemes

PLEASE NOTE that the RadWare-format files given on this site cannot preserve, in any strict sense, the careful data assignments made by nuclear data evaluators and stored in the ENSDF files. The RadWare format is much more limited than the ENSDF format; for example, in RadWare, transition multipolarities are deduced from the level spins and parities, while in ENSDF a transition may have no multipolarity assigned, or one assigned in a range of different ways. Likewise, other quantities required by the RadWare format may or may not be assigned in the ENSDF file, and some quantities that may be given in ENSDF (lifetimes, for example) do not have any RadWare-format equivalent. For this reason, DO NOT assume that any RadWare-format file gives a true representation of the assignments made (or not made) in ENSDF!

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