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Submitting RadWare Level Schemes

In addition to the RadWare software, this site also hosts a compilation of nuclear level scheme files in the RadWare format. If you have any level schemes in RadWare format, please consider giving them to me for inclusion here. A few moments of your time will help other physicists make better use of all that hard work of yours building the scheme in the first place.I would like this level scheme compilation to be as complete as possible, in order for it to more useful to both experimentalists and theorists.

Before you submit a level scheme, please be sure to set the display of spin-parity labels etc. to reflect your confidence in your spin assignments. Use the "Change Level Spin Labels" option in the "Text" menu, or the "CL" command, and use parentheses to indicate tentative assignments. You can disable the spin-parity label entirely for levels for which you really have no assignment. Likewise, please indicate tentative levels and tentative transitions. Feel free to annotate the level scheme with gls-style text labels, and/or in the text file described in the following paragraph.

Accompanying each .ags file on this site is a .txt plain text file, that contains information about the level scheme file and how it was generated or obtained. This is as true for submitted schemes as for schemes converted from the ENSDF files. This means that in order for me to put a scheme on the site, I need to have some information from you.

If you like, you can give this to me by using an HTML form given here.

Otherwise, a template that you can fill out and use for this purpose is available from this site as ftp://radware.phy.ornl.gov/pub/nd/submit_template.txt. Just click here to get the file, save it to your disk, then edit it to add the requested information. Then when you submit your level scheme, give me the filled-out template file as well as the level scheme file.

You can e-mail your schemes as an ASCII-gls (.ags) file to me at radforddc@ornl.gov. I will add the scheme to the library as soon as I can find time, usually within one week.

If you submit a level scheme, and later wish to have it removed from the site, or replaced with an updated version, simply contact me by e-mail and I will be happy to comply.

Please send feedback to David Radford at radforddc@ornl.gov.

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