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Before you submit a level scheme, please be sure to set the display of spin-parity labels etc. to reflect your confidence in your spin assignments. Use the "Change Level Spin Labels" option in the "Text" menu, or the "CL" command, and use parentheses to indicate tentative assignments. You can disable the spin-parity label entirely for levels for which you really have no assignment. Likewise, please indicate tentative levels and tentative transitions. Feel free to annotate the level scheme with gls-style text labels, and/or in this form.

Please submit your level scheme file by anonymous ftp to ftp://radware.phy.ornl.gov/incoming, or by e-mail to David Radford at radforddc@ornl.gov.

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Please make a note here of any additional information that you would like users to know about this level scheme. This would be a good place for discussion of configuration assignments, interesting features, disclaimers and acknowlegements, or anything else you can think of.

Many Thanks!

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